this site is SO out of date. Instead of lurking here, you want to check out what we are working on!


amulware is an indie game studio, making games and other things. But mostly games.

Currently, there is no big game we are working on. Instead most of our time is spend improving our own graphics library, enabling others to make fun and pretty games. Still, we sometimes get crazy and just make a small game in a few days or so. So definitely check back later to see if there is anything new!

Our stuff

If you are interested, check out things we made and things that we are working on right now in the stuff section (including lots of colourful downloads), read about the latest news on the home page and if you would like to get involved, check out the forum, follow us on Twitter or subscribe on YouTube.
We would love to hear about what you think of our games.

Enjoy the pixels!


amul is code magician, game designer, web designer and sometimes graphics maker at amulware. They are addicted to pixels, caffeine and code. Any similarities in name or appearance are purely coincidental.