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Postby 1nsane » Sun Feb 23, 2014 16:56

Ok here is some feedback, been playing quiet a bit of RF. I have to say, i really enjoy it for now.

I do have a couple of issues though:


- Add a "Restart/Reset" option to the menu, if you die in the first couple of seconds. You want to be able to start from scratch again.

- I have lowered the volume, it does save partially, but when I reboot the game, the volume is @ max again, when I then go into settings. The volume slider is actually lowered, but volume does play @ max volume.


- The difficulty is way too dynamic, some games are really easy, some games tend to be insanely difficult. Let me give you an example:

I have reached 129k points without running into the a "boss" (you know, the big purple guy that follows you around). Sometime I get the boss after 20-30K points.

This makes getting a high score luck based!

Unclear things:

- Burst, what does it do exactly? Cant really tell ingame.

- Green Powerups: They, say damage, fire rate, is this a temporary buff or are these permant? How much do I gain when I pick them up?

- Yellow Powerups? What do they do? They dont have a text when I pick them up!

Thats it for now, keep up the good work!
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Postby Tom » Sun Feb 23, 2014 17:45


Thanks for leaving your feedback here. I think I agree with you on all the feedback you give. Most of them are known to us already and we are planning to address them as soon as possible. We are also aware that the little orbs are not clear enough yet and we are currently trying to come up with a solution to this.

Good to hear you enjoy playing our game and if you have any more feedback, don't hesitate to let us know!
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Postby amul » Sun Feb 23, 2014 19:30

Basically what Cireon says, and thank you from me as well!

Regarding your questions,

The burst upgrade increases the number of projectiles a weapon shoots at the same time.
That would for example be more beams for the laser, and more missiles for that weapon.

The green power ups are permanent, so definitely worth getting. The gain for each little orb is relatively small, so missing a few here and there will not ruin your run completely, but they do add up exponentially right now, so you don't want to miss too many either.

Regarding the yellow power ups, I challenge you find out for yourself!
If you have not seen it, notice the little bar that appears at the top of the screen once the first yellow orbs appear, and try to fill it.
Consider it a sort of ultimate challenge of the game as it is right now. ;)

Thanks again, and glad you like it!
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Postby 1nsane » Mon Feb 24, 2014 09:35

Glad you guys are happy with the feedback, so here is some more :P

I had 2 boss encounters in a row last night, dont know if that is supposed to happen...
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Postby amul » Mon Feb 24, 2014 11:03

Only two? I have heard reports of up to 10 and more! ;)

But yeah. We know it can happen. Mostly because we are still lacking most mid and end game content, and the game has to throw something at you.
This will not be an issue in future versions.
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