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Postby Matty » Tue Mar 18, 2014 17:25

Hey guys,

First off, I want to say that I really enjoy the game. It's not a game that I can play for very long (if I'm playing for half an hour straight, than I'm doing really well), but it's very nice to just play for a bit whenever I have nothing useful to do (or too much useful things to do :P).
But because every good thing can get even better, here is some feedback / remarks / nonsense:

- Late game content (only bosses in the end) (mentioned for sake of completeness, you already know).

- At some point I had a really bright background planet in the bottom right corner, right behind my UI, so I really couldn't see the countdown on my swarm missiles - that's annoying.
The game is very fast paced, whenever I have a quick glance at the UI, I should be able to see everything.
Maybe have exceptions on bright things behind the UI, or some shadow/border?

- It's not clear in the beginning what these green dots are, what they do, if you see them at all.
Maybe better visible, or hack the first one to go to your ship visible, so that you easily 'accidentally' get your first upgrade or something.

- Green dots dissapear fast, which is nice, so whevener I see one that is not surrounded by (too many) bullets or enemies, I rush for them right away.
Sometimes at that moment I shoot my last enemy, and accidentally get stuck in buying an upgrade I don't want (and even miss my green-dot-upgrade as well).

- A little after the first boss or something, you simetimes get green enemies - the big ones, or the small round ones.
They are extremely strong. I can kill them without dying by using a swarm, and sometimes a swarm and a starlaser for example (one blackhole will do as well), but if you get two or three consecutive, you are almost guaranteed to lose at least one live (and then you are doing pretty well).

- I like challanging games, but I know my sister would like this game, but stop after dying 10 times in the first minute she plays.
So maybe it would be nice ot add some difficulty levels, and make it easy for the newbies.
Also, maybe a brutal/impossible gamemode for when I'm in a suicidal mood would be nice :P
- I want a fatboy xD

- A personal best, some sense of seeing where I am, whether or not I'm progressing, even if I'm not in the top 10, I want to see how I'm doing.
(right now I have to visit the website, and search manually through the list).

- Some balancing on the secondaries. The black hole is super good, but once you used it, you cannot use it for a long long time, which makes it an ok second secondary weapon, but even then I prefer the other two.
The star laser is nice, but its not as powerful as the swarm, and has a longer countdown too.

- Also, explosions.

Thanks for doing so awesome already!
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Postby amul » Wed Mar 19, 2014 12:38

Thanks for the feedback!

I can definitely understand all of your points, and we will be sure to take each into consideration.
In fact, some are already, or have already been dealt with!

Enjoy the pixels!
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