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Red enemies flying at you

Postby Chirimorin » Mon Jul 07, 2014 11:54

Am I the only one having serious trouble with the red enemies that fly at you all the time?

If I don't have any upgrades to hit behind me I simply have to circle around the full screen to simply evade them, getting 1 or 2 shots on a random one of them each time I'm below them. This isn't enough damage to kill them and multiple waves of new enemies spawn before I even have 1 down.

Usually I die because the game gives me 3 waves of these in a row filling the screen with "you can't be here" or new enemies spawn right on my face when I'm at the top trying to lure them up again.

Any tips for fighting these without homing missiles (since you don't always get the right upgrades to make them easier)
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Postby amul » Mon Jul 07, 2014 13:19

The red ones can indeed be quite tricky, and as you say, you gotta be quick to get rid of them, before too much else shows up.

The easiest way for me to get them usually is leading them up a bit and then shoot straight at them while they are coming back down.
Of course, that is not always possible, so just keeping on dodging and waiting until random bullets kill them is sometimes the only option.

Anyone else got any smarter strategies?
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Postby Matty » Mon Jul 07, 2014 18:40

Get spread, wasps or pew (and lots of green orbs), they make it easy.

Without upgrades you simply dodge them, and when they come up, move exactly beneath the one in the front.
So don't stay in one spot, but move a bit from left to right (assuming they circle around you in that direction).
(also, don't go too much down the screen, you want to sort of have an idea of where they are).

That way you expose the front one to quite some bullet fire and it'll die quick.
Any shots that miss the front one, will probably hit one behind it, so they are not wasted.

If red ones do not fly in one bunch, but are really seperated for some reason (mostly happends when you have a second groups of reds coming at you), simply fly to the top of the screen once they're beneath you - that'll group the red ones for a bit and help you shoot longer before you have to dodge again.
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Postby AstralSeer » Mon Jul 14, 2014 16:25

they annoy me aswell....I usually get upgrades as fast as possible that give you more shots (like those two missiles or that one that shoots at enemies for you) and focus on the others while they take the reds out for me.
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