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Addition to the Troubleshooting page, switchable graphics

Postby darkest » Sat Jul 12, 2014 14:55

The newest version of Roche Fusion used to crash for me, and then I noticed that this was due to my switchable graphics.

This may be a bit stupid (I myself thought so, because I didn't notice it sooner) but you could add this also as a solution on the troubleshooting page.

Now, what you do is the following:
1/ right-click desktop


2/ click on AMD switchable graphics (something like that, I expect that users can figure it out themselves)
3/ next you look at the bottom of the new AMD window where you see something similair to this:


you probably want AMD to tell you which applications are running in which mode (energy saving = standard graphics, high-performance= radeon or whatever you have), so you select the option that says something like this: "give a warning for programs that are not assigned".

what you also can do is search for the program yourself, well this you can't see on the screenshot right now, but it's in the bottom right. click "search" or something similar and look for Roche Fusion. (you run it in high-performance mode of course)

Done! you can play Roche Fusion now!
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Postby amul » Sat Jul 12, 2014 15:10

Thanks for letting us know of this issue!

Our resources, especially in terms of different hardware/configurations to test on, are very limited, but we will look into this when we can.
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Postby darkest » Sat Jul 12, 2014 16:11

Well there isn´t much that you can do about it, the players really have to change the settings themselves. Because they probably already have the necessary system specs, but they just haven´t ´activated´ them yet.
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