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Postby Tom » Mon Jan 26, 2015 16:58

Most of you will probably have noticed, buuuuut... Roche Fusion is out now! I would love to tell you all to head outside (don't forget your sunscreen!) to the local retail store around the corner and grab a copy, but that's not how things work any more these days. Alternatively I would tell you to empty your piggy bank and take all the quarters to the arcade hall, but that's not going to work out either. Instead, you can head over to our Steam store page and buy yourself a treat full of colourful explosions right from the comfort of your own house and without risking losing all of your savings when getting addicted to the pixels.


If you like Roche Fusion, and would like us to be able to continue working on it for a long time to come, adding more content and other features, we can still use your support!
Please tell everyone you know about us, and consider writing a small review on Steam (you must own the game).
These things really help us a lot, and as the small and new independent studio that we are, we really rise and fall with our community.
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