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Dutch Comic Con Recap

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Postby Paul » Mon Mar 30, 2015 12:33

The Dutch Comic Con is over and I can say we truly had a blast being there.


I want to thank everybody who came by (and came back) to look at and play Roche Fusion!

We had a great time talking to all of you and seeing you enjoy our game.

If you played the game and liked it, remember that you can get the game on Steam right now!

Even though the game is out, we are still working on it to bring you additional content and features in the future (for free!).

To keep up to date, make sure to keep an eye on our weekly devlog, where we post every Friday with in-depth information about what we are working on.

Also consider following our developers on Twitter: @amulware @tomrijnbeek or like us on Facebook to get the newest updates.

If you like the game, also make sure to tell your friends, and give us a recommendation on Steam.
These things really help us a lot, and allow us to keep on working on the game, to make it even more awesome in the future.
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