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Addiction and Feedback

Postby MrChrumb » Mon Jun 01, 2015 02:41

Okay, wicked addictive game... good job!

Complements! I mean in all the stuff there is to play right now... to come up with a retro game that takes us back to the earlier age... well done and keep up the great work!

So here is my thoughts on extra content... but to be honest it is great the way that it is!

1) EMP (either blows up or stalls dead craft within range... or both! The stalled vehicles can crash others).

2) Shell. A "hard" force field is temporarily formed around vessel. It can (and should) be used to ram opponents.

3) What's yours becomes mine. Enemy splashed by ray fights for me!

4) Double down. Fire power is doubled in strength.

5) Fence. Level is split by direction of weapon for period of time. Isolating opponents.

6) Meet my little friend. A PEW joins the fight with vengeance.

... and many more!

Game on my friends and keep it coming!

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Postby Tom » Mon Jun 01, 2015 22:53

I am glad to hear you're enjoying the game. Thanks a lot for sharing your ideas. Several of them I can already see not working due to technical limitations in our games, but we'll definitely consider them whenever we are in need for more upgrades. We don't have anything big planned for now though, so I can't make any promises.
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