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Panic Pong

As a crazy mashup of two classic video games, Panic Pong combines the competitive two player action of Pong with the destructible bricks of Breakout. It also adds an additional heap of action, explosions, power-ups, game modes, and other panic inducing features.
Download the beta now, and get involved with your own ideas. Check out the website for the latest news!

» Go to Panic Pong website

Small Things

You are the Darkness

A Large wisp has invaded your realm
and is polluting it with its luminescence.

The only way to defeat it is weakening it
by absorbing its smaller kin.

But be mindful of the dangerous light.

» Download here! (Windows only, ~1.2Mb)

mini Beat 'Em Up

This little steampunk inspired robot beat 'em up was written for a retro contest with severe limitations on both included graphics and the number of commands used. It still features dozens of fancy colours as well as for the genre typical button smashing gameplay. The game can be played with two humans or against the AI.

» Download here! (Windows only, ~600kb)

Asteroid Belt

Controlling a UFO, make your way through the dangerous asteroid belt as far as you can. Destroy or dodge asteroids to not get destroyed.

» Play now in your browser