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amulware's open source C# OpenGL graphics library


AWGraphics is a graphics library for .net languages, written in C#, using OpenTK to access the OpenGL 3D rendering API.

The goal of the library is to provide a fully object oriented layer of abstraction on top of the purely procedural OpenGL API. It further aims to simplify and automate commonly used parts of the rendering process to allow for easier and quicker development of games and other graphically intense programs, while still staying lightweight and keeping performance as high as possible.

The library is still highly work in progress, meaning that any part of the interface may change at any point and to any degree. While the source is private for the time being, development is already beginning to get fueled by feedback of other developers, which will hopefully continue, once the code will become public.

If you are interested in the library, let me know and I may give you access to the repository.

Public links

Private links

These will become public soon.
If you are interested, let me know!